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This suddenly appeared on my dashboard.

Sailor Moon x Eoin Macken

-> Beware of the Belly Flop Attack!

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T.C. Callahan in 1x03, "Hog Wild"

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Not Again - PiratePlume - The Night Shift (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]


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Some nice pics from Wizard Con (x)

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My entry for the Summer Pornathon second bonus challenge (Rock ‘n roll).

While waiting for his stubborn, lazy king to return, Merlin travels around the world. He finds Gwen and Gwaine, both high as kites, at this odd, huge rock music festival outside Bethel, New York. Feeling certain they will not remember a thing in the morning, he uses his magic and creates the same blue butterflies he did in the Crystal Cave all those years ago. Gwen giggles and leans in close to give him a warm hug, while Gwaine just lies back and looks at them with a tiny glint of recognition in his eyes. It makes Merlin’s heart pound a little bit harder.

They sit there all night, listening to the amazing music, soaking in the atmosphere, talking about things that two of them are sure have never happened, and one knows are true. They talk about the other knights, Arthur, Morgana, love, horses, wars and magic, and when Gwaine passes out and Gwen has fallen asleep with her head in Merlin’s lap, he strokes her hair and plays with her curls. It’s the closest to happy he’s felt in a long, long time.

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Eoin Macken is our next George Clooney. He jumps through the screen out at you,” says writer-director Rainy Kerwin. (press release link)

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bonus reaction gif:

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Imported actors prove adept at American accents - TV -


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It’s hard , very hard for me watching him cry but i adore him anyway… <3 

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Gwaineapple and their everything (◕‿◕✿)

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Desktop wallpaper of Eoin Macken that I just created for a friend. 1920X1080 HERE.

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