TC’s flashbacks had hearts everywhere breaking.

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This is the video I made at the Night Ball, at the Night ItaCon 2.0

They were so sweet I wanna cry

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Poetic license story and bookcover by Matthew72

Loosely based around the ‘poetry scene’ of 5x03. In his pursuit to understand the beauty of spoken words Leon accepts that with his shy nature he may never grasp the true concept of poetry. Then Gwaine shows him there is something called poetic license to consider.

Category: Slash (canon)
Characters/Pairings: Leon/Gwaine, Merlin and Arthur
Ratings/Warnings: T

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You’ve got to love how strong and dedicated the Merlin fandom is.

Our (amazing) show has been over for about a year and a half now, but we’re still going strong and you’re all great for that. Give yourself a pat on the back!

We need to keep it up because Merlin will “live long in the minds of men”.

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The Night Shift - Job Alert! 'Assistant to Showrunner' | LA + ABQ

[X] (23/7/14)

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Eoin Macken + his fellow knights // May & June 2014

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Night ItaCon 2014 (Chiara Lovett)

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#the hottest boyband in camelot



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Gwaine/Merlin. AU in which Merlin flees Camelot after being exposed as a sorcerer while Uther's still king.


  • Give me a pairing and an an AU setting; I will write you a three-sentence fic.

   Gwaine is perceptive enough to realize that there is more
   to Merlin than meets the eye and loyal enough to wait
   patiently for his best friend to come forth with the truth, 
   whatever it may be, because even he knows no mere 
   servant chases after his master across the kingdoms

   He finds Merlin brooding all by his lonesome in a dark
   corner of a tavern located just inside of Essetir’s borders;
   One knowing look into Merlin’s grief-stricken eyes and
   suddenly the whole facade slips and the masks (the bouts
   of clumsiness, the smiles, the feigned ignorance) are all
   dropped, the lies are revealed, and secrets are finally
   spilled all in one agonizing confession filled with such
   anguish that his own heart breaks a little further.

   He wants to say that Princess will come around eventually
   but he’s selfish enough not to partly because he doesn’t
   know that for sure and partly because he can’t bring
   himself to; Instead, he says, “Titles don’t mean anything…
   It’s what’s inside—” He squeezes Merlin’s shoulder firmly
   and fixes him with a gaze filled with determination and
   undying devotion. “—That counts.”

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"Without your powers, you wouldn’t stand a chance.”

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